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Online training

Crewsolution E-Learning Training

Crewsolution provides full training solutions for EASA CAT and NCC operators, through our partner AeronautX.
The courses are designed as web-based training and can be customized to meet the operator’s requirements.
Crewsolution will provide detailed course description and training procedures, which can easily be implemented into the OM-D to ensure compliance.
Each course except Crew Resource Management has to be completed by a course end check to satisfy checking requirements.
All training activities are managed and documented through our learning management system and can be monitored by the responsible training manager.
To order your E-Learning Training, please use our online order tool and you will receive your training access code instantly.
If you have any further questions or need additional advice, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Your training classes will be assigned to specific members, therefore please add first all training members.
In a next step you will choose the members from the list for a specific training.
One-time setup cost per member 48 EUR

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