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Aircraft insurance

Crewsolution has signed a partnership with the leading provider of worldwide aviation insurances.

Herewith we can provide our policyholders with a comprehensive range of coverage options for personal and corporate aircrafts.

This includes jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston-powered aircraft as well as general liability for ground operations.

Let us provide a customized insurance coverage for your aircraft:


Please fill out the online form or download our pdf version for your personalised quotation or contact us for further informations.


Questionnaire for aircraft insurance

1. Applicant

Street, No. P.O. Box
Zip, City
Telefon number E-Mail
Operator (if not identical)
Did you have already an insurance policy with AIG / Chartis? no / yes, policy no.
Documentation language German English French  

2. Aircraft informations

Kind of aircraft Piston engine aircraft Turboprop Jet Helicopter
Aircraft manufacturer / -type
Year of manufacture Take-off mass (MTOM) kg
Number of crew members Number of passengers
Number of engines Aircraft home-base
Funding (Leasing)? no / yes Financial institution
In Hangar? no / yes Tailwheel? no / yes
In shelter? no / yes    

3. Special risks

General special risks (all aircrafts) Additional risks for Turboprops, Helicopters and Jets
Acrobatic no h/ per year External loads no h/ per year
Experimental aircraft   Skydiving operations no h/ per year
Galcier landing no landings/ per year Photo-, movi- or survey flights no h/ per year
Basic training no h/ per year Avalanche blasting no h/ per year
Member of Antique Airplane Association ( Logging (timber transport) no h/ per year
Water landings   SAR search and rescue flights no h/ per year
Others Type Rating no h/ per year
  Leasing( Charter ) no h/ per year

4. Beginning

Required beginning of insurance coverage (DD/MM/YYYY) / /

5. Use

Private/ Business   Club   Non commercial   Commercial

6. Pilot qualifications

Engine aircrafts and Helicopter   Flight hours total on type
Any pilot with PPL (as well as any Pilot with CPL or IR or ATPL or FI)      
Any pilot with CPL or iR or ATPL or FI      
Desgnated pilots by name License Flight hours total on type
Name of pilot 1        
Name of pilot 2        
Name of pilot 3        
Name of pilot 4        
Name of pilot 5        
The aircraft is always flown by two pilots (Multi Crew)      
MCC (Multi Crew Co-operation) formation existent      
CRM (Crew Resource Management) formation existent      

7. Loss (to the aircraft respectively caused by the pilot




Loss amount

8. Liability insurance

Third party legal liability
Insurance sum CHF
Combined Single Limit (combined third party legal liability and passenger liability insurance) Insurance sum CHF
  Inclusion war risk  

9. Hull insurance

Hull all risk insurance Insurance sum CHF
Hull ground risk insurance Insurance sum CHF
  Desired franchise per incident
inclusion war risk
inclusion Breach of warranty (Leasing)
Insurance sum CHF

10. Occupants accident insurance

    per crew member per passenger
Death benefit   CHF CHF
Disability compensation   CHF CHF
Daily allowance from day CHF CHF
Hospital daily allowance   CHF CHF
Medical expenses unlimited within 5 years insured no / yes insured no / yes

11. Additional insurance coverage

12. Notes

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