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Crew as a Service
We provide you the kind of service you never want to miss again

Who are we

Crewsolution supplies high calibre private aircrew to businesses and individuals around the world.

If you’re looking for an exceptional crew of pilots and cabin attendants to support your flight operation and take your clients to your destination on time, in comfort and safety.

Crewsolution has the answer!

What we do

We address the market need to supply efficient and reliable air crew teams for private or commercial operations. Our flexibility and dedication to you ensures you receive the crew solution that saves you time and trouble.

We have over 20 years experiences in the aviation industry and through our network of contacts and expertise can supply you with a crew most suited to your needs. We are discreet and guarantee to respect your confidentiality.

Our crews are rated on all common aircraft types, such as Gulfstream, Global Express, Falcon and many more. We can also supply crew for your particular specification of aircraft. We can work to both, short and long term contracts.

If you are looking for support to arrange Crew Visa and Invitation letter for your European, Non European and crew members from Great Britain for up to 110 countries world wide and a validity of up to 5 years.

We are here to assist you!

With our online tool, your crews can easily apply within 15 minutes for any necessary visa and send us all documents. Your crew do not have to travel and wait anymore at embassies to apply for visa.

We take care of all the requests and do the work with the embassies.

If you need a partner to protect your crew with a Loss of Licence and/or Fit to Fly insurance we help you to find the right insurance product for you and to make affordable income insurances available to all your aircrew.

Our simple online tool will ease your application, provide instant quotations and grants a fast underwritten acceptance from selected international insurers.

Let us support you!

Where we go

We’re global.  Wherever you are, we can support you.

Our clients

Our clients include international businesses, public and private corporations and private individuals.

They getting back to us, knowing we offer the highest level of service standards!